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To add a link to your recently installed module in the navigation menu, first let's understand the concept of a Block. Continuing with the desktop computer metaphore, Blocks would be like little desktop widgets that might display the current temperature, time, number of waiting messages, etc. Blocks provide secondary information and functionality to complement the main content (the output of the modules). The Main menu and the Login form at the sides of the screen of your site are examples of Blocks.

You can have blocks for things like the last 5 news items, new downloads, latest forum posts and users online. Each new module you install will come with a number of blocks which you can display on your site.

Now, to add a new link to your Main Menu Block, you have to go to the Blocks Admin Panel and edit it. Clicking the edit icon at the right of the Main Menu row, you will see a form to edit the links of the Main Menu. There you can add a new link to your new module, or delete links that you don't want and so on. Each block has its own edit form where you can configure its settings depending on your needs and preferences.

Block Positions

You can order the Blocks in the way that you want through Block Positions. Your distribution has some default positions like 'left', 'center' and 'right', and you can assign new or existing Blocks to that positions. For example, if you need a block in the header of your site, you can:

  1. Create a block position called 'topblock' in the Blocks Admin Panel.
  2. Include the position in your theme templates.
  3. Create a new block with the content that you want to show.
  4. Assign the new block to the 'topblock' position.

You can create as many positions as you need, and distribute them in your Theme templates in the way you want.