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With the Zikula theme system, theme designers can build a wide variety of themes from the traditional to the very unique. Themes, also known as Xanthia, is a cleaner, more user-friendly module than the previous version. Themes allows you as a site administrator the ability to completely change the look and feel of your site with a few clicks. Your distribution has come with a selection of themes, but this is by no means the limit - there are many many more themes available in the themes database.

More advanced features include the ability to create wrappers, zones, and blocks and give them the look and feel you want by assigning them custom templates. With these features, an administrator can have different content layouts for different pages, categorised by module or any other criteria. The system is extremely flexible.

Separation of Presentation and Content

Zikula not only allows you to place content in zones, it actually gives you the ability to reshape the presentation of the content through theme-specific module templates. You are able to define well structured presentation of any data. You can even mix data from different module types to create content in your own original way. Don't like your module templates? Change them, and store the templates in your theme so that when you upgrade the changes you made don't get overwritten!

Smarty Pants

It all works by using the Smarty Template Engine adapted for Zikula. This gives you the power PHP with the ease of HTML. Simply learn a few new tags which bring in content from the Zikula system and you can create rich themes using your favorite flavor of HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript.

You can read more about creating themes in the Wiki

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